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Let’s Connect…

2008 was the year I first sat in front a computer that had internet. You can imagine my excitement. My smile was wider than usual. I wanted to Google everything from the most mundane “how to peel a tomato” (I knew how but I just wanted to know how the other side lived) to “what is metaphysics?” (Who doesn’t want to know what this is?)

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20 Minutes with POMPI

This is my first entry to the #ugblogmonth. I decided to jump in today because I have been wanting to write about this for a long time. I didn’t struggle to pick who I would choose for the 20 minutes. I knew that it had to be someone from Lota House. If it were possible, I would choose all the artists. But alas, it is not.

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Book Review: Adavera

Author: Rachael A.Z Mutabingwa

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Book Blurb: Preston Pakello’s life seems to begin only when the death of a stranger brings three sisters to his home; the Island of Adavera. His life becomes intricately intertwined with theirs, and the journey each one takes, leaves a trail for the other to follow. All the while, the Island keeps a careful watch.

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