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People Watching Rumbling,

One Cold Evening

He stands at the taxi stage, hands in his pockets. Looking at nothing in particular The taxi touts seem to have given up on him. Oyo alabika ali kubibye, they must be thinking So they scramble for the other passengers, leaving him be He seems to be deep in thought. I wonder what he’s thinking about Is he trying to solve the equation that is life? Is he thinking about his bad day at the office? Does he work at an office? Maybe he could be wondering whether his rolex guy is still at his mudaala.



On days that seem to go on and on, I cannot imagine sweating over a charcoal stove┬átrying to cook supper, when I finally get back home. I usually just go to my rolex* guy at the roadside and supper is set. Yesterday was such a day. So in the evening I just trudged to the roadside to look for supper. As I stood aside watching the rolex guy work his magic, I noticed that the next stall was occupied by a young boy, about twelve, thirteen years old. I realized he was helping the stall owner. My curiosity pickled, I …

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