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Atesia Ngún (Those Are Dead Bodies)

Day One We are leaving our home. We are going to lands unknown. The elders say we have to, that it is required of us by God to do so. The Amuron, I am apprenticed to, says this land we are going to will be ours for generations to come. A land that was blessed by the hand of God itself. A land that our descendants will enjoy.

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Guest Post: Eminem is the reason I stan Bernie Sanders

By Valentine Makoni. When I was 12 years old, my parents visited America. They asked me what I wanted as a gift. Because prepubescent me was already plugged into pop culture, I asked for a music CD. Specifically, R-Kelly’s Chocolate Factory, or (Eminem’s protégé) 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Trying. Thankfully, they got me the latter album. Of course, being responsible, it was the clean version, complete with Candy Shop sing along melodies.

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